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Professional Painting Service in DubaiWood flooring has been increasingly popular among high end residences in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). A good quality wood flooring last for decades. All comes with unique natural design and thickness.

Solid Wood Floor Common Problems

Mostly wood floor is damaged by scratches after renovation

In some cases wood floor are damaged by water contacts like water leaking from roof and soaking for long period of time.

Floor finishing faded or enlarge gaps due to the heat from the hot weather.

Wood Floor Repair & Floor Care

This can be repaired by grinding and varnish with a new layer of coating choice of gloss coating or matted natural coating.

There are 3 type of wood finishes – Waterbased, OilBased or Wood Color – Golden Walnut, Dark Walnut or Timber Tone finishes

Waterbased finishes is high quality one-component waterborne polyurethane finish, It is high resistance to scratches, wear, water “no bubbling, beautiful leveling and fast dry.

Oilbased finishes is a high build interior Solvent borne urethane varnish providing protection to timber substrates such as floor, stairs. Provide a beautiful and clean stain surface film resistant to water and household detergents.

Stain Wood Color Availability is Golden Walnut, Dark Walnut or Timbertone. The color of the wood surface will be protected by a layer of clear waterbased finishes to prolong the lifetime of the color paint.

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Wall Painting Services in Dubai UAESolid Wood Flooring gives us elegant looks. Sometimes after years of usage, wood floor has big gaps due to the weather hot weather in the country and some wood planks even pops out from the ground. And this need to be glue and nail it .

And sometimes it is rotten and damaged by moisture. In this situation, we will need to replace the rotten woods with the new wood and follow by wood grinding and varnishing. During the grinding process, the wood gaps will filled with addictive wood dust to minimize the visibility of the hole.

Optionally, you may opt to choose to apply wood floor color on the wood floor surface. Choice of Golden Walnut, Dark Walnut, TimberTone


This procedure comes in two steps:

1. Protection of un-treated areas
2. Repair the cracks on the floor
2. Sanding the Wood floor to make surface smooth
3. Applying the 1st coat of Varnish and Wood Paint, wait till it dry.. And apply 2nd coat.

Normally, we polish, grind and varnish the wooden floor to improve the overall quality of the floor. Buffing wood floors removes the minor scratches or scuffs. In addition, it can also give your floor an attractive and lustrous shine that last for years. By following some of these guidelines, you can help to keep your wood floors looking and performing well maybe for generations. We need to polish, grind and varnish especially for solid wood flooring, hardwood flooring, timber flooring and parquet wood flooring.

Grinding is a technique used for leveling of wood, removal of wax or paint and polishing the floor. The embellishment of wooden flooring is made through varnish, which is a protective finish.

Varnish comprise of several substances for giving lustrous look to the wood surface. Before actual restoration process starts, we remove the dust by sweeping and mopping of floor.

Sometimes wooden floor is rotten due to moisture. In this situation, we will need to replace the rotten woods with the new wood and follow by wood grinding and varnishing. That is how frequent we could do these varnishes and grinding process to our flooring.

You should consider continuous maintenance that will enhance and protect the floor of your home. You can also DIY if it is a minor maintenance.

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When you agree to have you project carried out by Smart Touch, you can expect the following:

  • A professional, customer service oriented attitude from our employees.
  • A start date and polishing/painting schedule that is convenient for your schedule
  • Professionals that are safety trained and background checked
  • Minimal disruptions to your household while painting and decorating
  • A safe and clean work area while the project is ongoing.


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Note1: The Above prices are for White/Off-white (Current color also has to be same), for different colors quotation will be provided on request.

Note2: The above prices are only for Walls, ceiling paint cost will be provided on request.



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